​I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Economics Department of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, also I am affiliated with the Barcelona GSE as a Post-Doc. I received my PhD in Economics from Universitat de Barcelona

My doctoral dissertation, Water and clean energy services in developing countries: Regulation and evaluation of universal service policies​, analyzes how to improve access to water services and clean energies in rural communities of developing countries In this regard, I analyzed a theoretical model supposing that the water utilities in developing countries can use two technologies to provide water and face competition from water resellers. I analyzed how the utility uses coverage, prices and quality to increase its profits. Moreover I analyzed the performance of communal water organizations in Peru (Juntas Administradoras de Servicios de Saneamiento) . It is interesting to remark that municipalities lower than 2.000 population have to be served by JASS, but not all municipalities have created JASS. I analyzed the performance and the determinants for the creation of JASS in Peru showing that they are an efficient mechanism to provide water services in rural areas, but they need support. My result show that homogeneous communities, in terms of maintaining the Minka tradition of the Inca Empìre and also in linguistic terms, are more prone to create JASS. Finally,  I analysed the implementation of the FISE (Fondo de Inclusión Social Energético) program in Peru. I also analyze empirically its performance in terms of use of LPG stoves and its health benefits associated. In this sense, I show that discount vouchers are an efficient policy to increase the use of LPG, avoiding cross-subsidies, to increase the use of LPG stoves but this policy alone cannot reduce respiratory problems among beneficiaries. On the other hand, this policy reduces diarrhoeal problems. 

My most recent research focuses not only in basic services in developing countries but also in environmental economics, such as the analysis of different activities and policies related with air pollution in urban areas in developed countries like my last published research Cruise activity and Pollution: The case of Barcelona, published at Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment.

I have published my research in international refereed journals (JCR) such as Economic Policy, Journal of Environment and Development, Water (Switzerland) or Sustainability


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