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He received the B.Tech degree in Computers and Communications engineering in 2009 from The L.N.M Institute of Information Technology (LNMIIT), India and his Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain. He has been an intern as a Visiting Researcher to Simon Fraser Universit (SFU), Canada and worked on Facility Location Problems for MITACS (Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex System) in Summer 2008 . From 2009, he joins the research group under Dr. M.A Vazquez Castro at ETSE, UAB, Spain.

He is currently a Phd student in UAB and working as a teaching assistant; assisting different courses in wireless and satellite communications. His current research topics of interest are Network coding for reliability improvement and Network coding for multimedia delivery.

Book Chapter:

[B.1] P. Saxena and  M. A. Vázquez-Castro, “Network coding advantage over MDS codes for multimedia transmission via erasure satellite channels”, Lecture notes of the institute for computer sciences, social informatics and telecommunications engineering, Springer, Volume 123, 2013, pp. 199-210, ISBN: 978-3-319-02761-6.


[J. 2] P. Saxena and M. A. Vázquez-Castro, "DARE: DoF-Aided Random Encoding for Network Coding over Lossy Line Networks." IEEE Communications Letters. To appear,  2015. 

[J. 3] P. Saxena and  M. A. Vázquez-Castro, "Link Layer Systematic Random Network Coding for DVB-S2X/RCS", IEEE Communications Letters. To appear,  2015.

[J. 4] M. A. Pimentel-Niño, P. Saxena and  M. A. Vázquez-Castro, “Reliable Adaptive Video Streaming Driven by Perceptual Semantics for Situational Awareness”, in the speical issue of Hindawi on recent advances in streaming multimedia content delivery, The Scientific Would Journal, To appear, 2015.

Conferences (in proceedings):

[C. 5]  M. A. Vázquez-Castro and P. Saxena"Network coding over satellite: from theory to design and performance" , in proceedings of the 7th EAI international conference on wireless and satellite systems (WiSATS), Bradford, Great Britain, July 2015.

[C. 6] P. Saxena and M. A. Vázquez-Castro"Network coded multicast and multi-unicast over satellite" , in proceedings of the 7th international conference on advances in satellite and space communications (SPACOMM), Barcelona, Spain, April 2015.

[C. 7] M. A. Pimentel-Niño, P. Saxena and M. A. Vázquez-Castro"QoE driven adaptive video with Overlapping Network Coding for Best Effort Erasure Satellite Links" ,  in proceedings of the 31st AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (AIAA),  Florence, Italy, Oct. 2013. 

[C. 8] P. Saxena and M. A. Vázquez-Castro"Network coding advantage over MDS codes for multimedia transmission via erasure satellite channels",  in proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Personal Satellite Services (PSATS), Toulouse, France, June 2013.

[C. 9] P. Saxena and M. A. Vázquez-Castro, "Interference-free regions with Han-Kobayashi Scheme for M-QAM and Scalar channels",  in proceedings of the 8th IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob), Barcelona, October 2012.

Invited Talks:

[I. 10] P. Saxena and M. A. Vázquez-Castro, "Random Network Coding over Satellite", in international symposium on algebraic approaches to storage and network coding, Barcelona, Spain, Feb 2014.

[I. 11] P. Saxena and M. A. Vázquez-Castro"Random Network Coding advantage over MDS codes for Adaptive multimedia communications", in international conference on Random Network Codes and Designs over  GF(q)Ghent, Belgium, Sep 2013.

[I. 12]  R. Alegre-Godoy, P. Saxena and M. A. Vázquez-Castro"Multicast transmission over the butterfly network", in first european training school in network coding, Barcelona, Spain, Feb 2013.

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