This section presents my most recent publications and academic activities.

Find here the complete list of my publications, organised by topic and with the corresponding links.


NEW BOOK!!!! Explorant Mecanoscrit del segon origen. Noves lectures, edited volume with articles by Toni Maestres, Pere Gallardo, Pedro Fernàndez-Nielssen, Isabel Santaulària, Anna Maria Moreno and myself, Orciny Press, 2018. See the review at :

Here's the presentation on 'Sex and robotics' for the IROS 2018 conference (which I could not attend...)




Here's the inaugural lesson of the BA in English Studies, Universidad de Murcia, which I delivered on 19th September:


Some recent book reviews you might enjoy!

The Vestigial Heart (novel) Carme Torras. Translation into English Josie Swarbrick. SFRA Review . No. 325.  

“El metamito y la nostalgia de la nostalgia” (review of La ideología de Star Wars, Fernando Ángel Moreno). Hélice. 24, Vol III No. 10,   

“La difícil construcción de una ciencia ficción nacional: el caso de Irlanda” (reseña de Irish Science Fiction, Jack Fennell). Hélice. 22, Vol III No. 8   


JUNE 2018

Complete article and conference presentation now available: "In bed with Dickens : questioning the neo-Victorian codes of representation in Ralph Fiennes's film The Invisible Woman (2013)",

APRIL 2018

New publication: Sara Martín Alegre (ed.), Sharing Teaching Experiences III, with papers from the 3rd and 4th TELLC (Teaching English Language, Literature and Culture) workshop,

MARCH 2018

My translation into English of Manuel de Pedrolo's Mecanoscrit del segon origen is now available: Typescript of the Second Origin (Wesleyan UP, 2018), and


Sara Martín Alegre (ed.), Gender and Feminism: The Students' View, Vol 2. (February 2018), E-book. 29 undergrad and post-grad students offer their own views on gender and feminism.

Sara Martin, David Owen & Elisabet Pladevall (eds.). Persistence and Resistance in English Studies: New Research. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018. ISBN ISBN-13: 978-1-5275-0608-4, ISBN-10: 1-5275-0608-8.


"The Case of Vandana Singh: Reading Indian Science Fiction, with a Warning about Wrongs" (conference presentation),

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