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APRIL 1017

Two new self-translations uploaded onto DDD, of previously published work:

1. El villano silencioso: La construcción minimalista de la villanía patriarcal en la trilogía de Karla de John Le Carré. 

2. Voldemort and the Failure of Magic in the Harry Potter series: The Post-human Monster in Fantasy and Science-Fiction.

MARCH 2017

Sara Martín, "The Anti-patriarchal Male Monster as Limited (Anti)Hero in Richard Morgan's Black Man", Science Fiction Studies, #131, 44.1, March 2017.


Sara Martín Alegre, "Fabulant el monstre masculí: Ficció de detectius i ciència-ficció a la novel·la de Richard Morgan, Black Man". Ciència i Ficció: Exploració dels mons reals i dels irreals. Pasqual Bernat et al. (eds.). Calvià, Mallorca: Edicions Talaiot, 2015. 115-120. See also: Sara Martín Alegre. “Fabulant el monstre masculí: La ficció de detectius i la ciència-ficció a la novel·la de Richard Morgan Black Man (2007)” (September 2015), Conference presentation, the document includes an English translation

Sara Martín Alegre.“Voldemort y el fracaso de la magia en la serie Harry Potter: El monstruo posthumano en la fantasía y la ciencia-ficción”. El monstruo fantástico: Visiones y perspectivas. David Roas (ed.). Ciudad sin referenciar: Aluvión Editorial Aluvión Editorial,, 2016. 199-214. ISBN: 978-84-945620-1-3.

"Del cine al teatro pasando por Shakespeare" (apuntes correspondientes a la sesión 4 y última del seminario sobre ‘Shakespeare y el cine’ que imparto dentro de la asignatura '43156 Arts Escèniques i Altres Arts' del Master Universitari en Estudis Teatrals (MUET), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona ).


Finalmente en castellano: “La ciencia ficción en la universidad española: las barreras que deben caer”, Hélice, vol. VIII, Diciembre 2016, 12-30,


Publication of the trilingual volume I have myself edited: Manuel de Pedrolo's Mecanoscrit del segon origen (original Catalan version, Spanish translation by Domingo Santos, my English translation of Pedrolo's novel). Published by the Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs of the Diputació de Lleida, courtesy of Grup62, for Eurocon 2016 (souvenir book),

An interview with Richard Morgan, Eurocon 2016 Barcelona, 5 November 2016,


My interview with David Guzmán for Terrícoles, BTV, 28 October 2016,


New publications

Sara Martín, "Science Fiction in the Spanish University: The Boundaries that Need to Be Broken", Alambique, Vol. 4, issue 1, 2016,

New .pdf volume of my blog: The Joys of Teaching Literature, vol 6, September 2015-August 2016,

Still thinking of Sirius Black? Read: Sara Martín, "Between Brownlow and Magwitch: Sirius Black and the Ruthless Elimination of the Male Protector in the Harry Potter Series". ALSO IN SPANISH: "Entre Brownlow y Magwitch: Sirius Black y la implacable eliminación del protector masculino en la serie Harry Potter",

Sara Martín (ed.), Reading SF Short Fiction: 50 Titles, [A guide intended to help SF readers approach the genre of the short story. It offers information on 50 short stories of interest both for SF readers and for short story lovers. The stories (25 by men, 25 by women) range from 1912 to 2014.],

APRIL 2016

Sara Martín. “The Loving Soldier: Vindicating Men’s Friendship in Ernest Raymond’s Tell England: A Study in a Generation (1922) and Wilfrid Ewart’s The Way of Revelation (1921)”. In Writings of Persuasion and Dissonance in the Great War: That Better Whiles May Follow Worse. David Owen and Cristina Pividori (eds.), Leiden and Boston: Brill Rodopi, 2016. Pp. 205-219. ISBN: 978-90-04-31491-7.

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