PhD Supervision

I have supervised so far the following doctoral or PhD dissertations:

Angélica Cabrera Torrecillas, El multiverso, icono del diálogo transdisciplinario: Una aproximación en las obras de Jorge Luis Borges, Yasutaka Tsutsui y Grant Morrison. Co-supervised with Dr. Antonio Penedo Picos. 2017.,

Jaume Llorens Serrano, La transcendencia del Homo Sapiens: El icono del posthumano en la ciencia ficción. 2016.,

Auba Llompart Pons, The Good Seed: Childhood and the Gothic in Children’s Fiction (1990s-Early 2000s). 2014.,

Rafael Miranda Huereca, The Evolution of Cyberpunk into Postcyberpunk: The Role of Cognitive Cyberpsaces, Wetware Networks and Nanotechnology in Science Fiction. 2011. ,

Mercè Mur, US Self-help Literature and the call of the East: The acculturation of eastern ideas and practices with special attention to the period from the 1980s onwards. 2011. ,

Juan García Iborra, La representación cultural del sur en la novela gótica inglesa: Otredad política y religiosa. 2007.,


I am currently supervising the following doctoral or PhD dissertations:

Josie Swarbick, provisional title: The Monstrous Masculine (in SF Cinema)

Pau Alberto Huergo Domènech, provisional title: La fantasía épica y su recepción en España: El caso de Andrzej Sapkowski.

Laura Luque, provisional title: The Representation of the Witch in Contemporary YA Fiction

Do contact me if you're thinking of writing a PhD dissertation that I might supervise ( Read also the document "Working on a Dissertation"

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