PhD Supervision

I have supervised so far the following doctoral or PhD dissertations:

Jaume Llorens Serrano, La transcendencia de lo humano: El icono del posthumano en la ciencia ficción. 2016.

Auba Llompart Pons, The Good Seed: Childhood and the Gothic in Children’s Fiction (1990s-Early 2000s). 2014.

Rafael Miranda Huereca, The Evolution of Cyberpunk into Postcyberpunk: The Role of Cognitive Cyberpsaces, Wetware Networks and Nanotechnology in Science Fiction. 2011.

Mercè Mur, US Self-help Literature and the call of the East: The acculturation of eastern ideas and practices with special attention to the period from the 1980s onwards. 2011. Available at

Juan García Iborra, La representación cultural del sur en la novela gótica inglesa: Otredad política y religiosa. 2007. Available at:

I am currently supervising the following doctoral or PhD dissertations:

Josie Swarbick, provisional title; The Monstrous Masculine (in SF Cinema).

Angélica Cabrera Torrecilla, (co-tutor), provisional title: Aproximación comparativa al multiverso en la ficción

Do contact me if you're thinking of writing a PhD dissertation that I might supervise [from September 2017 onwards] ( )

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