My research fields are English Literature and Cultural Studies in English. Within them, I do research in the following areas:

*Gender Studies (mainly Masculinities Studies currently, but also Women's Studies)

*Popular Fictions (currently mainly Science Fiction, also Gothic Studies). I am a member of the SFRA (Science Fiction Research Association)

I also work, though less frequently on:

*Film Adaptations (theory and practice), now mostly in relation to Masculinities Studies and Science Fiction

*Pop and Rock Music (usually in relation to Gender Studies)

*Scottish Literature, Film and Popular Music

*Comparative Nationalism (Catalonia and Scotland)


My ORCID number is 0000-0002-0619-9255 (I'm known as Sara Martin, Sara Martín, Sara Martín Alegre, Sara Martin-Alegre), see

My Google Scholars profile is

My profile isín


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