Teaching Resources

The following documents are extracted from the reports I submitted for the two state examinations ('oposiciones') I have undertaken. You might perhaps find them useful:

Sara Martín, Teatro y Teatro Inglés: Una Breve Introducción (2000), https://ddd.uab.cat/record/122989

Sara Martín, Enseñar Literatura Inglesa (2002), https://ddd.uab.cat/record/122988

Here is the Bibliography on 'Shakespeare and Cinema' of secondar sources in Spanish and Catalan that the students of the MA 'Estudis teatrals' have made for my seminar about this topic. They have also made a list of films based on stage plays which you will find at IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/list/ls076798996/

Also, the class presentation "Del teatro al cine, pasando por Shakespeare" (session 4 of the seminar ‘Shakespeare i el cinema’ within the course '43156 Arts Escèniques i Altres Arts', Master Universitari en Estudis Teatrals (MUET), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). http://ddd.uab.cat/record/169731



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