Biographical summary

Graduated in Physics by the UAB (2008), Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude (2009), Master in Research in Didactics of Sciences and Mathematics (2010) and Doctor in Didactics of Sciences and Mathematics (2014). Researcher at CRECIM (Research Center for Scientific and Mathematical Education), he has participated in a lot of projects of research, didactic innovation, transference (school-university relationship) and educational evaluation. He is an associate professor of didactics of science in the Primary Education degree and in the Master's of Teacher Training at the UAB, and has collaborated teaching at other Catalan universities (UPF and UB).

My main lines of research are:

  •  The use of ICT tools for the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in primary and secondary education (sensors, simulations and virtual laboratories, video games, digital whiteboards, programming language, etc.).
  • The role of ICT tools in the promotion of scientific practice in the classroom: modeling, research and scientific argumentation
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