How to install UCSF Chimera in Linux

Many of the functions you will be using are experimental or under development. This is the result of our collaboration with the group of San Francisco. So, you may have to install the latest version of the program on your machine (at home or in the classrom). Here is a temptative way of doing so in a step by step process.


1. Download the program (daily build). Generally, the downloaded program should be in Baixades (Downloads) 

2. Open a terminal (in ubuntu, in the desktop menu, look for terminal - konsole or gnome-terminal should appear)

3. In the terminal, go to the directory where the program has been downloaded (i.e. cd Baixades)

4. change the mode of execution of the file: chmod 755 name_chimera_version

5. then execute the file: ./name_chimera_version

6. type enter for all the questions

7. to execute program, go to the directory of installation (i.e. cd $HOME/.local/UCSF-chimera_version/bin/)

8. then execute it: ./chimera

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