Marta Pahisa 

BA in Translation and Interpreting, MA in Translation and Localisation, PGDip in International Relations, PGCert in Conflict Resolution, MA in Translation Interpreting and Intercultural Communication - Research Itinerary (Autonomous University of Barcelona)


After my first degree in Translation and Interpreting at the Autonomous University in Barcelona, I undertook postgraduate studies in International Relations and Localisation while working as a language teacher.

From 2007 to 2012 I joined the Autonomous University of Barcelona as a part-time Associate Teacher at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting. During the same period, I worked as a translator and project manager for several translation agencies in Barcelona. My main duties included translation of specialised texts, website and software localisation, translation memory and terminology management, QA, translator support and multilingual project management.

From 2012 to 2015 I worked at the University of Sheffield as MA Tutor in Localisation and Translation Technologies as well as Program Leader for the MA in Multilingual Information Management. Currently, I am teaching language and technology related modules at UAB's Department of Translation and Interpretation and at UOC.


I have taught and contributed to modules in these areas:

• Translation Technologies
• Localisation
• Terminology Applied to Translation
• International Project Management
• Theories of Translation
• Translation Genres
• Theories of Intercultural Communication
• Dissertation Supervision
• English to Spanish Translation

Research interests

My research interests are directly related to my teaching and professional practice.

Selected Publications

Gaizauskas, R., Lestari Paramita, M., Barker, E., Pinnis, M., Aker, A ., Pahisa Solé, M. (2015) "Extracting Bilingual Terms from the Web" Terminology 21:2, pages 205-236.

Aguilar-Amat, A., Mesa-Lao, B., Pahisa Solé, M. (2015). "Building to learn / Learning to build. BACUS-UAB: Terminology training for translator trainees". Debate Terminológico, 3, pages 2-18. Available from:

Aguilar-Amat, A., Mesa-Lao, B., Pahisa Solé, M. (2011) "Construir per aprendre: BACUS UAB o la formació terminològica per a traductors"[Build to learn: BACUS UAB or terminology training for translators]. Terminalia, 4. Revista de l'Institut d'Estudis Catalans. Available from:

Aguilar-Amat, A., Mesa-Lao, B., Pahisa Solé, M., Sánchez-Gijón, P. “BACUS: 14 Years on Terminology Applied Translation”. (2010). TKE (Terminology and Knowledge Engineering). Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland, 2-13 August 2010. Available from:

Pahisa, M. (2010). Anàlisi automatitzada d'un corpus sincrònic bilingüe (castellà, anglès) sobre Cultura de Pau: xarxa conceptual, equivalències i col·locacions del terme "pau" [Automated analysis of a synchronic, bilingual corpus (Spanish, English) on Culture of Peace: conceptual network, equivalences and collocations of the term “peace”] [Bachelor Thesis]. Available from:

Sánchez-Gijón, P.; Aguilar-Amat, A.; Mesa-Lao, B.; Pahisa Solé, M. (2009). “Applying Terminology Knowledge to Translation: Problem-based Learning for a Degree in Translation and Interpreting”. Terminology, 15:1, pages 105-118.

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