Biographical summary

Bachelor of Physics from the UAB (2008), Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude (2009), Master in Research in Teaching of Sciences and Mathematics (2010) and Doctor of Science in Teaching of Sciences and Mathematics (2014). From 2015 to 2018, I was a Postdoc researcher at CRECIM (Research Center for Scientific and Mathematical Education) and an associate professor in the Department of Teaching Mathematics and Experimental Sciences, and I have also collaborated with other Catalan universities ( UPF and UB). From 2018 to 2020 I have been a high school science teacher at the INS Pau Vila (Sabadell).

In my academic experience, I have participated in numerous research projects in the teaching and learning of science, in teaching innovation, in transfer (school-university relationship) and in educational evaluation. My main research lines are:

  • Use of ICT tools for teaching and learning of science and mathematics in primary and secondary education (sensors, simulations and virtual laboratories, video games, interactive whiteboards, programming languages, etc.),
  • The role of ICT tools in promoting scientific practices in the classroom: scientific modeling, inquiry and argumentation.
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